In “La Flor de Morelia” we have been waking up each day for over 70 years with the goal to bring a smile in the lives of all Mexican families. That is why we are committed in making our products with the highest quality and exquisite taste all within the best nutritional values.

Buying our products benefits our farm lands and the people who work in them.  We take pride in letting you know that all our products are made from natural fruits and meet the highest quality standards.

We care for our employees and for our environment and we are constantly developing new products and new flavors so that you can enjoy them.


“Sweeten the world in a healthier way”

To bring sweetness to the world in a healthy way” transforming the country products into healthy foods, using new technology so that we all may benefit from it.


Here we are all part of the team, we are all useful. Unity and respect among us is essential. Our customers will always be our most valuable concern.  Honesty and loyalty to them is of the essence.   Our success is based on hard work and a great sense of responsibility to our customers and to our employees.





Personal growth

Team work